Lloret de Mar Mar 30, 2023

White Party Lloret de Mar

The White Party in Lloret de Mar is a one-of-a-kind party capable of enchanting thousands of people from all over the world. The atmosphere during the night of the party is indescribable. The streets are filled with people dressed in white, Lloret de Mar restaurants and bars are packed with people getting ready to experience the most anticipated night of their vacations. Inside the St. Trop Disco, the party magic reaches its peak, with the Millennium DJ Teams rocking the crowd to the notes of the best House, Techno and RnB HipHop music. The White Party is a must-attend event for those who want to have a unique and unforgettable experience.


White Party Lloret de Mar: the most anticipated night of the summer.

The White Party in Lloret de Mar represents a unique experience for anyone who wants to fully experience the Costa Brava nightlife. Every year thousands of tourists gather in the Spanish city to participate in this white party, which has become a summer classic. The event takes place in various locations around the city, but the centerpiece of the party is undoubtedly the St. Trop Disco, where the Millennium DJ Team performs and where electronic music blends with the elements of animation and entertainment. The White Party is an unforgettable evening that gives emotions and memories to anyone who decides to attend.


The White Party in Lloret de Mar is an event that has won over young people from all over the world thanks to its winning formula, which combines music and fashion. Dressing in white is in fact a way to feel part of one big party, and at the same time it is an opportunity to show off original and sophisticated outfits. The presence of balloons, confetti and other decoration elements helps to create a unique party atmosphere that transforms the city into a magical place full of energy. The White Party is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated parties of the summer, and is a unique experience for anyone who wants to experience the glamour of Spanish nightlife.


Total white party at St. Trop nightclub

Those who still don’t know what to do in Lloret de Mar need only mark this name: Disco St. Trop! This nightclub represents the beating heart of Lloret de Mar’s nightlife, and is a must for anyone who wants to fully experience the night in this Spanish town. The disco is spread over three floors and can accommodate thousands of people at once, thanks to its large and spacious structure. On the second floor is the main dance floor, where the best DJs of the international scene perform, while on the second floor you can find bars and lounges to sip a drink or take a break. The third floor, on the other hand, is dedicated to the Chill-out Roof Terrace, an open-air area with panoramic views of the city and a relaxing atmosphere featuring magical Ibiza vibes.


Disco St. Trop is a magical and atmospheric place, where music blends with fashion and the party atmosphere in the air. Each night is different from the last, thanks to the presence of a cosmopolitan audience and the wide variety of musical styles on offer. The disco is a must-visit experience for anyone who wants to fully experience the nightlife of Lloret de Mar, and is a must for music and fun lovers.


Total white party: fun and safety in one night

Safety is a priority during the White Party in Lloret de Mar, and the use of alcohol testers is an important tool to ensure the well-being of participants. These devices are used to check the blood alcohol level of those who intend to enter the nightclub, and are useful to avoid excessive alcohol consumption and prevent any health-related problems. By using alcohol testers, participants can enjoy the party responsibly and without risk.


Alcohol abuse can have serious consequences on the health and safety of white party participants. Therefore, it is important to enjoy the White Party responsibly. The advice is to drink in moderation at one of the many Lloret de Mar venues, to avoid mixing different spirits, and to drink water between drinks. It is important not to drive after consuming alcohol and to rely on safe means of transportation, such as cabs or buses. By following these simple rules, participants will be able to enjoy the White Party safely and without risk to their health.