News Mar 20, 2023

Summer Jobs: Promoter Job in Ibiza, Lloret de Mar, Barcelona

Becoming a Summer Rockz promoter is a unique opportunity for young people entering the world of work. Through professional training and tailored training, you have the opportunity to develop sales and customer relations skills, as well as gain practical knowledge of the marketing industry. In addition, the summer jobs experience offered by Summer Rockz allows you to meet new people and build new professional relationships, opening the door to exciting job opportunities in the future. But that’s not all! The job also allows you to have fun and grow personally, thanks to the chance to work in some of the best summer destinations young people, young and dynamic environments, and have a unique experience.


Summer jobs as a promoter with Summer Rockz: a unique and unforgettable experience

Working as a promoter with Summer Rockz can be a unique and unforgettable experience because it offers the opportunity to earn a lot of money and grow professionally in a highly professional and challenging environment. It is about having the opportunity to meet thousands of new people from all over the world, improve your language and sales skills, and learn how to organize tourists’ vacations.


Working as a Summer Rockz team allows you to collaborate with the best partners on a European level, internationally known clubs such as Pacha, Opium, Millennium and the Vibra Hotel Group. All this translates into the opportunity to work in some of the best entertainment venues in Europe and have access to the best products on the market, supported by meticulous organization. Becoming a promoter means living the unique experience of parties organized directly by the agency and being part of a highly professional team.


An unforgettable job that allows you to earn money, grow professionally, travel and have fun, all at the same time. It is the perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to get out of the routine of classic work and experience the adventure of a lifetime. A unique opportunity to network with other event industry professionals. Networking is an activity of social and professional interaction with the goal of creating relationships that can lead to job opportunities, partnerships and exchange of useful information for one’s career. Because of Summer Rockz’s position as a leading European event organizing agency, working as a promoter gives you the opportunity to connect with a wide network of professionals in the entertainment market, opening many doors for future job opportunities and professional growth.


Summer job: requirements to become a promoter for Summer Rockz

To become a promoter for Summer Rockz, there are some basic requirements that must be met. First, the candidate’s age must be between 20 and 30. the promoter must have strong interpersonal and sales skills and be able to work as part of a team. A good knowledge of English is required since this is an international company.


The agency offers a number of benefits and opportunities to its promoters. The job is paid through a commission system, which means that earnings depend on the promoter’s ability to sell products. Young people who will work as promoters are offered housing and professional training, including training tailored to their products. With 20 years of experience in the industry, the company is able to offer unique and exclusive products, helping its youngsters to differentiate themselves from the competition. Supporting technology applications enable the boys to work more efficiently and effectively, giving them the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.


Summer seasonal jobs: selection and training Summer Rockz

To become a Summer Rockz promoter, it is not enough just to possess the right personal characteristics, but you must go through a selection and training process that allows you to acquire the skills you need to perform your job to the best of your ability. Each candidate undergoes personalized training, constant accompaniment from experienced managers, and a professional growth path that allows you to become an experienced and reliable salesperson. This experience allows you to acquire skills that will be useful for your future working life and to grow as a person, becoming more confident and full of self-esteem.


Training is not only limited to technical skills, but also aims at personal growth. Indeed, the agency’s philosophy is to grow people and transform them into the best professionals in the industry. Through training, people are taught to proactively face challenges, manage teamwork and develop problem solving skills. Thanks to the seriousness and professionalism with which Summer Rockz follows candidates in every aspect of their growth, each promoter is able to successfully face every job challenge he or she will encounter in his or her life.