News Feb 28, 2024

Spring Travels 2024: spring experiences not to be missed

Have you guys already decided where to go this spring? If you are looking for a holiday that will leave you with unforgettable memories, you should definitely choose Lloret de Mar for your Spring Travels 2024!


This resort on the Costa Brava really has it all: dreamy beaches, crystal-clear sea and a killer nightlife. During the day you can enjoy relaxation and sunbathing, while at night the party comes to life with the best clubs in the area. Between live performances and DJ sets, the options for fun are endless.


But in Lloret de Mar there are also plenty of special events not to be missed. Boat parties, pool parties with crazy sets, concerts on the beach… in short, fun is guaranteed! Here, you can make new friends and have unforgettable adventures.


And for accommodation, don’t worry, the friends of Summer Rockz are ready to welcome everyone in the best facilities. So, what do you say, are you with us this spring in Lloret? It’s the holiday you’ve been waiting for!


Spring break 2024: a holiday of sun, sea and unlimited fun

This year, to experience an unforgettable spring break, the ideal destination is undoubtedly Lloret de Mar. This Catalan resort, renowned throughout Europe, truly offers everything that young people dream of for unforgettable Spring Breaks 2024.


Besides dreamy beaches and crystal-clear waters, Lloret de Mar is famous for its hot nightlife. Its beaches, such as Cala Canyelles and Cala Boadella, are wide and sunny, with fine golden sand stretching as far as the eye can see. The sea is simply stunning, with its clear, turquoise waters offering a breathtaking panorama. Lovers of relaxation can enjoy long days of sunbathing in this b. But that’s not all, because in the most hidden and romantic coves, you can experience moments of pure relaxation away from the hustle and bustle. In short, those who choose Lloret de Mar for their spring holidays can enjoy true natural wonders, perfect for recharging their batteries before the busy nightlife!


Indeed, the second attraction of this Spanish resort is undoubtedly its frenetic nightlife. Among the numerous clubs that animate the centre, you can dance until dawn, enjoying live performances and the best internationally renowned DJs. In short, you are spoilt for choice on what to do in Lloret de Mar during the warm spring evenings!


But that’s not all. There are also plenty of opportunities to make new friends and enjoy unforgettable experiences, thanks to the numerous events on the programme. In short, fun is guaranteed in this magical resort, as is the opportunity to recharge your batteries with sun and relaxation before the summer!

Travel 2024: Lloret de Mar, parties, events and exclusive experiences

Spring in Lloret de Mar is all about wild fun. Here, every night the nightclubs offer strong emotions, thanks to an exceptional programme.


Just think of historic clubs like Revolution and Privé, true institutions of Catalan nightlife. At Revolution, the atmosphere is vibrant with lighting effects and electronic music, while Privé delights with live shows and international resident DJs.


But that’s not all, because there are also plenty of beach parties with cocktail flows and performances by world-famous artists.  There are also great expectations for the boat parties, which offer an exclusive dimension of aperitifs, dinners and endless music. And for thrill-seekers, there are the Pool Parties with breathtaking sets and exceptional instruments.


Spring Travel 2024: an international atmosphere for an unforgettable holiday

In short, the entertainment in Lloret de Mar is first class. All the more reason to choose it as your spring holiday destination! The Spring Break in Lloret de Mar is ready to welcome all the youngsters who will arrive to spend unforgettable moments.


Summer Rockz has already taken steps to organise a programme full of events and experiences to enjoy together. From 19 May to 25 June, young people from Germany will be able to come to the city, while from 8 to 20 May it will be the turn of the French. From 26 May to 10 June Lloret will open its doors to all other young people.


But it doesn’t end there! Summer Rockz will also take care of accommodation, welcoming young people in the best accomadation in Lloret de Mar. From the most luxurious residences a stone’s throw from the sea, to the cheapest but convenient flats to reach the clubs, everyone will be able to find the accommodation best suited to their budget and needs. In short, the staff is already at work to make this Spring Break unforgettable!