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Dont be fooled by Blanes’ peaceful waves crashing against the longstretched beach shorelines. At almost 4 miles long Lloret de Mar’s neighbour might be famous for having one of the longest beaches of the Costa Brava, it also boasts a pumping party scene. However it’s not just the beats that keep you entertained. There are plenty of watersports along the golden beaches including jetskiing and wind surfing. Blanes encompasses the perfect combination of relaxation and clubbing. Nightlife in Blanes is simply the best thing there is.


Beachside discotheque Sant Jordi holds a capacity of only 400 people, so if you get handpicked and make it to its dance floor you’d better party like a rockstar. At the invitation-only Coyote Selected you it’s all about getting down and dirty as we offer a traffic light system. The rules are simple: 1. grab a wristband 2.flaunt your status: green is available, orange is maybe and red is taken hard with old friends and new.


Set in a mindblowing surrounding, hidden away in the mountains, the Millennium party encapsulates that unique party rush you have been after. Picture this: 3000 sweating but passionate party ravers divided over two massive areas to suit all music tastes: from RnB/Hip Hip to Electro/House. Topped of by a sunset terrace that allow the crowds some fresh air while enjoying chill-out music. A free shuttle service to the hillside nightclub is included aswell as an afterparty – for those that are still left standing….

Blanes Selected Essencia

You're in the clubbing capital of the world, doesn't it make sense to get the best out of your experience and go VIP? Blanes selected transforms luxurious club Essencia once a week into a massive VIP-section for 500 selected mad partypeople. There is no denying that you will get goose bumps and perhaps even some butterflies in your stomach from this extravaganza. On top of this we ensure a 50/50 male-female ratio managed through our invitation-only system.