Barcelona summerjob

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Each summer hundreds of thousands of like-minded holiday go-ers descend to Barcelona.  This warm weather playground is nestled between kilometres of Pyrenees mountains and the Mediterranean sea. Whether it is for the fashion overdose, Gaudi’s architectural beauty, water-sport activities, Camp NOU or – no, you are not fooling anyone – the PUMPING nightlife in Barcelona. Barcelona Rockz brings you all that Barcelona Nightlife has to offer. So come to this amazing city and meet us for the best time in the city you will ever have.


Ain’t life just too damn short to only party within the 4 walls of nightclubs? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ within 3 seconds, you are invited to our rooftop party. Taking place at a beachfront loction with a phenomenal 360 degree panoramic view over the Barcelona skyline and Mediterranean sea. Any Instagram account will blow up within an hour. When the sun goes down the music goes up, blasting in an ambience we hope your mother will never know about.

barcelona selected joker

Devine throughout the summer, dazzling throughout the terrace, Barcelona Selected returns to beachside club Joker with one thing on it’s agenda: to wow its handpicked crowd. This party holds a capacity of only 300 people, so if you make it to its dance floor you’d better party like a rockstar. On top of this we ensure a 50/50 male-female ratio managed through our invitation-only system. On top of this we ensure a 50/50 male-female ratio managed through our invitation-only system.

Sunset cruise Private catamaran

All aboard Barcelona’s sunset cruise! Think of it as a floating nightclub in the middle of the Mediterranean sea in the middle of the day. For 3 hours we set the water on fire with a sizzling BBQ, drinking games, banana rides, dancing battles and a very refreshing half hour dip in the crystal blue water. When the sun goes down things only get hotter when we swap bikinis for a steady flow of champagne bottles at our afterparty in the world famous Pacha.