Lloret de Mar Feb 20, 2023

Lloret de Mar: the best cocktail bars in town

Lloret de Mar is a favourite summer holiday destination for young people. It is located on the Catalan coast in Spain and is famous for its beaches and nightlife. For those who love cocktails and nightlife, Lloret de Mar offers numerous options for unforgettable evenings. Esteemed as one of the best summer destinations for young people, it offers numerous opportunities for those in search of fun and levity. Not only discos and nightclubs, Lloret de Mar is also famous for its excellent gastronomic scene and splendid cocktail bars where you can enjoy the most popular drinks, dance and have fun until dawn.


Lloret de Mar bars: a cocktail before the disco

Anyone who has drawn up a list of what to do in Lloret de Mar cannot possibly have left off the list a cocktail in one of the many fabulous Lloret de Mar bars. To start the evening with a good cocktail, the advice is to visit one of the many clubs we propose in this short guide. Many cocktail bars are located on the beach and offer a unique atmosphere with a beautiful view of the sea and relaxing music. Here you can enjoy the most popular cocktails, such as the mojito, piña colada and margarita, accompanied by tasty snacks to the sound of relaxing music.


3 Monkeys Bar: a pre-evening meeting point

The 3 Monkeys Bar is a very popular venue among young people visiting Lloret de Mar for their summer holidays. It is located in the heart of the city and is within easy walking distance of most hotels and flats in the area. Its central location makes it the ideal place to meet new people and make friends. The bar offers an informal and cosy atmosphere with a modern design and minimalist décor. The music is generally soft rock or pop, and the volume is always at an appropriate level to allow for conversation.


The 3 Monkeys Bar is very famous for its original cocktails. Among the most popular drinks are the Notting Hill, the Vanilla White Choccolate, the Banana Twist and the Green Island. The bar also organises events such as the inevitable after-work aperitifs and prep parties before going clubbing. It is a great opportunity to meet new people and have fun in an informal and cosy atmosphere.


The staff is very friendly and professional. They are always ready to recommend drinks to suit customers’ tastes and to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The service is fast and efficient, ensuring that customers do not have to wait too long for their order.


Blue Bar Lloret de Mar: a dream location

Before you go to enjoy a delicious dinner in one of the many restaurants in Lloret de Mar, we recommend stopping for an aperitif at the Blue Bar. The Blue Bar Lloret de Mar is undoubtedly one of the most exclusive and charming venues in town. Located directly on the beach, it offers a breathtaking view of the sea and the sunset, creating a magical and romantic atmosphere. This dream location is the ideal place for those seeking a refined and sophisticated evening, where they can enjoy the beauty of the sea and the sounds of the ocean.


The design of the Blue Bar is modern and minimalist, with sweeping views of the surrounding landscape. The furnishings are comfortable, while chillout and lounge music create a relaxing and refined atmosphere, perfect for a unique and unforgettable experience.


The Blue Bar offers a wide selection of cocktails, including the Blue Cosmopolitan and the Blue Margarita. Both drinks are based on vodka and blue curaçao, but the Blue Cosmopolitan also has a hint of lime and blueberry juice, while the Blue Margarita has an orange juice aftertaste. The bartender at the Blue Bar can prepare all kinds of cocktails, from classics to the most innovative, depending on the customers’ tastes.


The staff is very friendly and attentive to customers’ needs, offering impeccable and professional service. The bar is open until late at night, making it possible to enjoy the beauty of the sea even after dinner. The bar also offers an outdoor area where customers can enjoy their cocktails and admire the surrounding landscape.


A dream location to enjoy cocktails and admire the beauty of the sea, the Blue Bar Lloret de Mar is a perfect spot. With its modern design, chillout and lounge music and wide selection of cocktails, this venue is the ideal place for those looking for a memorable experience before embarking on a wild night of clubbing. On the list of what to see in Lloret de Mar is definitely this all-blue bar for a great start to a magical evening.


Cala Banys: where to enjoy the view

If you want to spend a romantic evening and enjoy the panorama of Lloret de Mar, we recommend visiting Cala Banys. This bar is located in a privileged position, on the cliffs of the town, and offers a spectacular view of the sea. Here you can enjoy original cocktails, accompanied by many snacks. The Cala Banys bar in Lloret de Mar is an oasis of tranquillity and natural beauty, where the deep blue of the sea merges with the green of the surrounding vegetation.