Notizia Apr 01, 2022

Apertura lavoro Summer Rockz: Biglietteria

Since 2002 Summer Rockz has been conquering party destinations Ibiza & Barcelona. We are the “enfant terrible” of the nightlife because we think that a holiday is too precious to do exactly the same as every weekend in the Netherlands. Throughout the summer, we serve a popular daily program of sunset parties on the rooftop terrace of Messi, a private island transformed into a floating nightclub and events at high-end venues such as Pacha, Ushuaia Tower & Hard Rock hotel. A whopping 250 Summer Rockz sellers have given more than 1.5 million people a hangover over the past 20 summers (which is probably still a bit haunted). And now it could be your turn!

Job description

The Summer Rockz events are by invitation and you ensure that the guest list is bursting at the seams. Make no mistake, the term “crammed” is a “dirty word” to us, as we don’t push people into a questionable bar, but give sales pitches around high-end events. You have a nose for where the cool people hang out and approach them armed with the Summer Rockz e-ticket app on the beach, in the hotels, on the street and in the digital world. Scoring the maximum number of tickets is what drives you!

Why will this summer go down in the books?

  • Accommodation is arranged at an A-location in Ibiza/Barcelona
  • A holiday mecca as an office: beaches, streets and our partner hotels.
  • Top earnings on a commission basis. Regular seller €100 – €350 per day, top seller €350 – €600 per day.
  • The beach in the sunny hours is the gold mine and at night you hardly work.
  • We prepare you for combat with sales training both in NL and on location. Plus certificate of sale and letter of recommendation.
  • International work experience with big names in the event industry on your resume.
  • Network widening. Working in an international team of 80+ people: French, English, Italian, German & Dutch.
  • Part of a super close-knit team that you call your family after the season. Of course many team building activities & team outings before your departure and during the work period.
  • A job with a sky-high work hard / play hard content
  • You work abroad for a Dutch company.

Are you almost on a flight? That’s great, but we get many times more registrations than there are places.

Check whether you have cut from the right fabric:

  • You are available for at least 5 weeks between June and mid-October.
  • You like to stand with your paws in the clay (because; the faster you run, the thicker your wallet)
  • Your friends will tell us that a party isn’t a party without you.
  • You are responsible, orderly and disciplined.
  • You take on every challenge as if you were fighting for Olympic gold
  • You are a linguistic boss and therefore speak at least fluent NL & ENG

Extra bonus points:

  • Have sales experience
  • Speak multiple languages
  • Have a large online network