Ibiza May 18, 2023

Ibiza restaurants: the most exclusive where you can experience the magic of the island

Ibiza is globally known for the nonstop and excessive partying that takes place there, with thousands of people flocking to this Spanish island every summer to enjoy one or more nights of wild fun. However, Ibiza has more to offer than just nightlife events: in fact, the island boasts many excellent gastronomic options. From relaxed beachfront restaurants to fine dining experiences, Summer Rockz has selected for you a list of the best venues to best savor all the flavor of Ibiza this hot summer 2023.


Bambuddha Restaurant Ibiza

Located on San Juan Street, Bambuddha Restaurant Ibiza enjoys great reviews for its gourmet cuisine that blends various styles. It offers a unique culinary and sensory experience. The atmosphere is inspired by Eastern spirituality, with the rooms decorated like a Buddhist temple that harmoniously blends spirituality and earthly pleasures. The garden with stone statues and bamboo transports diners to a Goa-like atmosphere, despite being in Ibiza.


The cuisine is fusion in style, mixing Mediterranean and Asian flavors. The serving style follows the Asian tradition of “shared food,” in which dishes are offered for all to enjoy together instead of the European appetizer and main course. This concept aims to recreate the experience of eating together, sharing a wide variety of dishes.


The menu is inspired by ancient spice routes, offering modern recipes that traverse Thailand, Japan to Mediterranean Spain. Each dish enhances fresh ingredients and bold flavors, paired with refined presentations.


Sa Capella Ibiza

Sa Capella is a restaurant located in an old 16th-century church in Sant’Antonio, Ibiza. The ambiance is elegant and luxurious, with stone walls, high vaulted ceilings and decorations that reflect Ibizan idiosyncrasy. The cuisine is high quality, inspired by Mediterranean gastronomy with authentic touches. The menu features a wide range of dishes made with high-quality ingredients, and a selection of wines. The restaurant is an ideal place for a romantic dinner or to celebrate a special event.


Cova Santa Ibiza

After visiting one of the best beaches in Ibiza, treat yourself to the luxury of Cova Santa Ibiza. This is an event venue with a world-class restaurant located in an ancient cave near the village of San José. The outdoor setting is an amphitheater with restaurant tables facing the dance floor, which contribute to an intimate and cozy atmosphere. The venue is known for incredible parties, flamboyant decorations, and a killer soundtrack. The cuisine is high quality, international and superior.


S’illa des Bosc

S’illa des Bosc restaurant is located in the spectacular Cala Conta and specializes in Mediterranean and Ibizan culinary traditions. The menu offers a wide range of dishes prepared with high-quality local products, including fresh fish, rice dishes, and meat. The restaurant overlooks the sea towards Isla des Bosc, offering breathtaking views. The ambiance is classic and suitable for enjoying a delicious meal. The restaurant also offers international dishes.


El Chiringuito Ibiza

El Chiringuito Ibiza restaurant is located on the nudist beach of Es Cavallet, overlooking Dalt Villa and Formentera. The restaurant fits the beach’s tradition of tolerance and fun, offering simple, honest and great-tasting food. The menu uses the best possible local ingredients and the kitchen team has been working together for several years. The environment is warm and loving, with the goal of creating a memorable experience for customers.


Blue Marlin Ibiza

Blue Marlin Ibiza is an internationally known beach club and restaurant located in Cala Jondal, Ibiza. The atmosphere is cosmopolitan, full of style and distinction, with impeccable service and personalized attention. The kitchen specializes in modern Mediterranean cuisine, with fresh, local, zero-mile produce and a wide variety of meat, fish, vegetarian pasta and sushi dishes. The restaurant also offers a wide selection of cocktails and desserts.


Amante Beach Club

Amante Beach Club is a restaurant located by the sea with a sophisticated ambiance and breathtaking panoramic views on a rustic rocky terrain. They serve modern Mediterranean cuisine for lunch and dinner, accompanied by fresh fish and meat cooked in the Josper oven. They also offer yoga and breakfast in the morning and moonlit movie nights. Their elegant yet sophisticated menu completes a perfect day at the beach. 


Kumharas Ibiza

Kumharas Ibiza is a Street Food Market offering a wide range of international flavors in a unique setting. With three different areas, including a chillout area and a lounge area with haimas for intimate dining, Kumharas offers a complete dining experience. The cuisine is of high quality, and the care with which the cocktails and smoothies are made is evident. The enveloping atmosphere creates a unique experience to enjoy relaxed, horizontal dining with touches of signature cuisine. Definitely one of the best restaurants on the island to try for the Ibiza 2023 season.


Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach is a luxurious beach club with sweeping beach views, combining elements of music, dining, entertainment, fashion, film, and art. The international cuisine has a Spanish twist and offers a unique culinary journey. The menu is extensive and curated, with healthy salads, innovative sushi, freshly caught fish, and slow-cooked skewered chicken. They also offer share plates and exclusive sushi boats for large groups. Fresh, locally sourced ingredients are mixed with innovative recipes to appeal to global customers. The soundtrack is provided by resident and guest DJs.


Lio Ibiza

Lio Ibiza is a restaurant offering innovative Mediterranean cuisine with the intention of creating excitement through each dish. Located near Marina Ibiza, Lio offers an exclusive dining experience to rich and famous visitors, but is open to all. The restaurant offers a show by dancers, singers and acrobats during dinner. After the show, the venue transforms into an elegant late-night lounge bar with a fun and glitzy atmosphere.