General Conditions

1. Company information

Blacklabel Enterprises, S.L.
Paseo Gracia 95 Planta 5, Puerta 1
08011 Barcelona
VAT ID: B13720883

2. Accommodations

The photos shown on the Summerrockz website are provided by the accommodations. The photos shown with the accommodations are just to give an idea. Since not all apartments or hotel rooms are the same, it is possible that the accommodation obtained on site differs from the photo. Summerrockz can never be held responsible for obvious typographical errors. Summerrockz reserves the right to change prices and packages without the guest’s consent if the situation requires it. This obviously does not apply if you have already booked. Any errors on the Summerrockz site will be corrected, so you can always find the most up-to-date and correct information.

2.1 Maximum occupancy

Accommodations are often not ideal with a maximum occupancy, space is generally quite tight for the maximum number of people.

2.2 Facilities and care

The treatments and facilities available are indicated in the descriptions of each individual accommodation. These descriptions have been compiled with the utmost care, but Summerrockz cannot be held responsible for any errors that may appear on the site.

2.3 Check-in and check-out

On the day of arrival you can usually move to your apartment or hotel around 4pm. On the day of departure it is necessary to have left the apartment or hotel by 10:00. These are guidelines and ultimately differ depending on the accommodation. The actual times are indicated in the description of the accommodation in question.

2.4 Tourist tax

In all accommodations you still have to pay a small city tax upon arrival. The amount of this amount is shown in the description of the accommodation and is based on the information that Summerrockz receives annually from the Region. Summerrockz is not responsible for any errors or changes in the tourist tax.

2.5 Deposit

A deposit is usually required for an apartment. This will be returned to you on departure if your apartment is found to be in order. The amount of the deposit and the method of payment are indicated in the details of the accommodation in question. Generally, no deposit is required for hotel rooms. Sometimes a small deposit is paid for the key. Deposit management is always a matter between you and the hotelier. The deposit amount may change in the meantime. Summerrockz has no influence on this and therefore cannot be held responsible for differences of opinion on the deposit between you and the hotelier.
A tip from Summerrockz is to carefully check the accommodation / contents at all times in advance and in case of incomplete inventory, damage or defects, report this to the accommodation immediately on the day of arrival. To avoid disagreements with the hotelier, we also recommend that you take pictures and videos of the home effects on the day of arrival.

3. Prices and costs

The prices indicated on the Summerrockz website are per accommodation per night. There is a minimum occupancy for the apartments. It depends on the type of apartment. Prices are determined on the basis of the prices and taxes that are provided annually by the accommodation facilities and the regional government. After this period, if any changes to these components occur, Summerrockz cannot be held responsible for this. The prices shown on the site include a booking / administration fee of € 30 per person per booking. This amount of the booking / administration costs arises from the organizational costs incurred by us at all times, such as marketing, administration, booking costs, etc.

4. Books

As soon as you book via our website or by email and have therefore accepted our general conditions, Summerrockz considers this a definitive booking. When making a reservation, you make a deposit of 30% of the total travel amount plus booking fees via the website. If the booking is made outside the website, we expect the aforementioned deposit within 7 days.

Once the reservation and the deposit have been made, Summerrockz will book it through the back office system of our intermediary (World 2 Meet of the Iberostar group) and subsequently the reservation will be final. Since the systems are not connected online, there may be a shift in availability over time between booking and processing by Summerrockz in the intermediary’s system. In this case, a suitable solution will be sought with the customer and / or the customer will be able to obtain a 100% refund within 7 days.

4.1 Minimum age

With Summerrockz, you can book your holiday for ages 18 and up. If the entire group is a minor (under the age of 18), permission must be given by the parents / guardians.
In our offer there are also accommodations that allow only agl i adults (aged 18 and over). This is clearly stated on our website on the accommodation page. The customer is responsible for ignorance of this information and for any financial damage resulting from it.

4.2 Changes by the lead booker

After booking, you can make changes to your booking up to 6 weeks before departure, but only if the desired change is still possible. This also applies to any additional transfers. We do not charge any modification costs, as long as no additional costs are incurred as a result of the modification. Any costs incurred will be charged. These prices will of course be communicated with you first. Upon approval by the primary booker, we will implement this change and charge these costs. These costs must be paid immediately. If you wish to make an exchange within 6 weeks before departure, there is a charge. These costs are in the consultation phase and will only be implemented after you have given your approval.

4.3 Adding an extra person

Changes can be made within the reservation, for example by adding an extra person or by extending the stay. Additional booking is always subject to availability. The travel amount for people already booked remains unchanged at all times. The current travel sum is calculated for the person to be added. Please note that this travel sum may be higher or lower than the travel sum of the people already booked. It is also possible that someone else will take your place. There is no charge for this and it can be changed at any time with us up to 6 weeks before the tournament. be careful! Airlines charge an exchange fee for this. If you wish to make an exchange within 6 weeks before departure, there is a charge.

4.4 Cancellation by the lead booker

Summerrockz can only process a cancellation if submitted in writing by the lead booker. A travel companion is not jointly liable and therefore cannot report a cancellation. In case of cancellation of a contract, the following cancellation costs will be charged:

  • If you cancel between 7 days and 10 weeks after booking, the cancellation costs are 30% of the total travel amount, unless you cancel, regardless of the booking date, within 10 weeks before departure, in which case cancellation costs are 100%.
  • In case of cancellation after 10 weeks of booking, the cancellation costs are 100%.

Even if the primary booker cancels due to a circumstance that temporarily or permanently prevents the fulfillment of the agreement for himself and his holiday group, including but not limited to riots, riots, terror and terrorist threat, police action and / or fire brigade, strike, strike, transportation options including air traffic, volcanic eruption, ash cloud, weather conditions, pandemic, COVID 19, mutations, death of loved ones, etc … at the time or before the holiday period exceeding the cancellation costs. Summerrockz is never liable for damages suffered by the customer as a result of its cancellation.

Covid-19 is now part of society. When a color code changes whereby the government travel advice is changed and the primary booker decides to cancel the trip, the above cancellation fees also apply. Summerrockz therefore recommends taking out cancellation insurance in conjunction with your travel insurance. Summerrockz does not offer these insurances on their own. Several cancellation insurance policies also offer force majeure / special circumstances in their policy.

4.4.1 Cancellation and changes by the organization

  • Summerrockz has the right to cancel the event at any time before the start in case of force majeure / special circumstances, such as: political instability, riots, riots, terror and terrorist threat, police and / or fire brigade action , strike, strike transport options including air traffic, volcanic eruption, ash cloud, pandemic, COVID 19 and mutations, fires and other serious disruptions in the organization and / or on the site, weather conditions as well as the fact that the required permits for the event has not been granted or has been revoked or the event must be canceled with a provision for this purpose issued by the competent authority or for any other situation of impotence, which makes it impossible to complete the entire event.
  • In case of cancellation due to force majeure by Summerrockz, the customer is entitled to a refund of the amount of the trip minus the booking / administration costs and any costs charged. from the accommodations or other suppliers in Summerrockz.
  • Summerrockz is not liable for any damages / costs of the customer, in any name and for any reason, in connection with the cancellation of the booking by Summerrockz. Summerrockz therefore recommends that you take out cancellation insurance together with your travel insurance. Summerrockz does not offer these insurances on its own. Several cancellation insurance policies also offer force majeure / special circumstances in their policy.
  • Summerrockz is not responsible for changes in arrival dates, for example due to changes in flight schedules. For example Summerrockz can never be held responsible for canceled or delayed flights.

5. Payment

A deposit of 30% of the travel price plus the booking fee of EUR 30 must be paid within 7 days of confirmation.

The total amount of the trip must be paid at any time no later than 10 weeks before departure.

If you book within 10 weeks before departure, the full amount of the trip must be paid in a single payment.

5.1 Joint and several liability

The person who books the trip is jointly and severally liable (also for all the others that he / she registers)

5.2 Cooling down period

We point out that bookings made via the internet are final. The so-called “cooling-off period”, which in the law is referred to as “remote shopping”, does not apply to holiday trips booked through our website. However, Summerrockz has extended this. You can cancel any booking within 7 days for free, except for bookings made within 10 weeks prior to arrival.

6. Terms and conditions

Summerrockz is not affiliated with the ANVR and uses its own general terms and conditions which are based on the guidelines used by the ANVR

6.1 Travel documents / Documents / Insurance

Summerrockz is not responsible for the availability of the client’s correct travel documents. Summerrockz also advises everyone to take out travel insurance.

6.2 Activities

The activities will be offered on site by Summer Rockz (Blacklabel Enterprises, S.L.). This is in collaboration with Summerrockz but explicitly not organized by Summerrockz. Summerrockz is exclusively involved in the marketing / promotion of these events. Participation is free and voluntary.

6.3 Lost property

Summerrockz can never be held responsible for lost luggage. If you have forgotten something important in the accommodation or on the transfer bus, you can always send a WhatsApp or an email. Then we’ll see what we can do for you! If we find your lost item, we will send it to you. The shipping costs are always for you. Summerrockz cannot be held responsible in the event of loss of the item during shipment.

6.4 Dissatisfaction or complaints

If you have any travel complaints or if you are dissatisfied with the accommodation, you must report this immediately to the accommodation reception and to the Summerrockz representative on site. This procedure is absolutely necessary as Summerrockz can usually do something about it when you make your complaint known. Later, after returning home, it is obviously no longer possible to solve the problems. If your complaint is not satisfactorily resolved on site, you can submit your complaint in writing (with reason and supporting documents) no later than one month after the end of the trip. If the complaint concerns the making of the reservation, you can submit it to Summerrockz within one month of knowing the facts (to which the complaint relates).

6.5 Privacy

Summerrockz needs your details to book a trip or to subscribe to the newsletter. Your data will be treated with care by Summerrockz. Your data will not be provided to third parties. Several parties are involved in organizing your stay. Think of the hotelier or event organizer Summer Rockz, but also of the national authorities of the destination country. Summerrockz always manages its customer data discreetly, but shares relevant travel information with third parties. Summerrockz requires prior authorization through these terms and conditions to use content captured during booking for promotional purposes.
Nothing on the website may be taken over or copied without Summerrockz’s prior written permission.

6.6 Your personal data is safe with Summerrockz

We appreciate the trust you place in us and that is why we treat the personal data you provide us with the utmost care. We handle it with the greatest possible care. Your data is needed to process your booking and to provide you with travel information quickly and accurately. When you book a trip or request a newsletter, l and information you provide from Summerrockz is on file with us. Summerrockz records your details and those of your travel companions for the execution of the travel contract. You can always request an overview of your data in our database. If you no longer wish your data to be used for sending information on our part, you can let us know.

6.7 Newsletter / WhatsApp Service

Once you have signed up for the Summerrockz newsletter / WhatsApp service, we will regularly inform you about our offers by email or WhatsApp. Contact us and we will cancel you immediately.