Ibiza Jun 21, 2023

First time in Ibiza: what not to miss

Visiting Ibiza for the first time is a magical and unforgettable experience, thanks to its unique atmosphere and the transition from the tranquillity of the day to the crazy nightlife. You start by admiring the natural beauty of the island, with its enchanting beaches and breathtaking landscapes. But when night falls, the real soul of Ibiza comes alive, with its clubs, beach parties and music events. It goes from an aperitif in a delightful cove during the day to a party in a trendy disco at night, surrounded by cocktails and techno music. Or you attend an open-air festival listening to the hottest artists of the moment.


All this creates a unique atmosphere of pure fun, togetherness and lightness. Ibiza knows how to surprise at every turn, with breathtaking views, exclusive clubs and people from all over the world. 


First time in Ibiza? Don’t miss parties and discos

If you are visiting Ibiza for the first time in the summer of 2023, the parties and discos are undoubtedly a must. The variety and quality of the offer is exceptional, with the best international DJs performing every week in the island’s famous clubs such as Ushuaia, Pacha, Amnesia and Privilege.


You can choose to start already during the day with pool parties like Obeach in San Antonio. Or join the daily and evening events of Summerrockz, one of the many summer festivals that liven up Ibiza. Most parties and clubs, however, offer the true Ibizan experience after dark, with themed nights, state-of-the-art sound systems, live performances and, of course, the Ibiza Summer 2023 DJs on the scene.


The variety of musical genres is wide, from commercial to techno and house, via hip hop and electronica. It is possible to combine several clubs in one night to create a truly unique Ibiza Experience. This summer discos and big parties will be a must for first-time visitors to Ibiza, discovering the wildest fun and sui generis electronic music that characterises the island.


You never forget your first time: history, culture and shopping

Ibiza is not only discos and fun, but hides a timeless charm of history, culture and authenticity that is worth discovering on a first visit. Ibiza Town, the capital of the island, is a concentration of all the beauty of Ibiza. In addition to its numerous nightclubs, it boasts a charming old town, such as Dalt Vila, the UNESCO World Heritage site. Here, the ancient walls that once surrounded the city are still visible, as well as the charming urban scenery of white houses and typical narrow streets. Dominating the panorama is the uninhabited castle, another important testimony to the island’s thousand-year history.


The city of Ibiza then offers a more authentic and relaxed soul, with its network of restaurants, small shops and markets. The harbour is home to bars and cafés that overlook the sea, offering unusual views and atmospheres.

During the summer, it is possible to take a relaxing stroll through the city streets to discover the island’s culture and traditions, while shopping for souvenirs, typical dishes and tasty snacks.


Even on a first visit, Ibiza impresses with its historical and cultural charm, as well as its legendary nightlife. You only need to spend a day in picturesque Ibiza Town to enjoy different and more authentic atmospheres, capable of providing unforgettable emotions.


For your first time in Ibiza, don’t forget the out-of-town trips!

The first visit to Ibiza usually offers the opportunity to discover its famous nightlife, but the island also hides natural scenery and small secret corners that will leave you speechless.


One of these is Es Vedrà, the famous rock that emerges from the waters on the west coast. The sunset that illuminates it, turning it into a fiery red reflection, is an impressive spectacle, especially when viewed from Cala d’Hort or other nearby beaches.


During the summer it is also possible to take a tour around the island to discover unexpected scenery, far from the crowds of the more touristy resorts. The western part of Ibiza hides deserted beaches, hidden coves and beautiful views, ideal for relaxing at sunset before a romantic dinner.


There is also no shortage of interesting art venues, such as the Picasso Museum Ibiza, which houses works by the famous artist, or the 14th century church of Our Lady of les Roques in Eivissa.


So, on your first visit, Ibiza knows how to reserve surprises even beyond its mundanity: stopping to admire a spectacular sunset over Es Vedrà or discovering unspoilt landscapes and secret artistic corners gives you unforgettable emotions, so much so that you will want to return to the island just for that.