Ibiza Jun 07, 2023

Aperitifs on the beach in Ibiza: the best cocktail bars on the island

Few events manage to convey the soul and charm of Ibiza like that of an aperitif on the beach at sunset during the summer. Sipping colourful cocktails accompanied by refined tapas as the sun begins to set over the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by the relaxed atmosphere typical of Spanish beaches, is something that comes close to the very idea of paradise.


The best beach clubs and chiringuitos dotting the island’s coves become the ideal setting to fully experience Ibiza during the summer season. The aperitif on the beach is in fact intrinsically linked to the culture of fun and Mediterranean good living that characterise the island.


Between Afro melodies, good music and fresh, colourful cocktails, a sunset in Ibiza bathing your feet in the crystal-clear waters of the beach will remain one of the best memories of your holiday. An appointment not to be missed to fully soak up the magical atmosphere that transforms Ibiza into the European capital of escapism and summer fun.


Aperitif on the beach in Ibiza: The beach clubs of Cala Jondal

Cala Jondal is one of the most beautiful and renowned bays in Ibiza, famous for its trendy beach clubs. An ideal destination for a drink on the beach during the Ibiza summer 2023 on the island.


The best known beach club in the bay is undoubtedly the Blue Marlin Ibiza, located directly on the beach and surrounded by thick Mediterranean vegetation. The atmosphere is relaxed and elegant, with excellent music selected by local and international DJs, who will perform throughout the summer.


The cocktails are carefully crafted by the barmen and the cocktail menu is full of creative and refined suggestions. Blue Marlin’s must-have cocktail is the Passion Mojito, made with white rum infused with fresh mint leaves, lime juice and passion fruit puree; a tropical, thirst-quenching mix that is perfect to accompany an aperitif on the beach.

The Blue Marlin is a magnet for lovers of good drinks and music at all hours. Cala Jondal is one of the cult places to enjoy the good life in Ibiza during the summer, between an aperitif at sunset and a lively DJ set until late at night. The Blue Marlin represents the top for this kind of experience.


Aperitifs on the beach in San Antonio

San Antonio is the most touristy and popular resort in Ibiza, known as the capital of fun and nightlife. Its beaches are always crowded, especially at sunset when the numerous beach clubs come alive.


Café Mambo is one of the cult places for aperitifs in San Antonio. The atmosphere is always lively and engaging, with music selected by famous DJs performing on stage. The Mambo Spritz and Mambo Martini are the perfect cocktails to accompany the sunset on some of the best beaches in Ibiza.


Another excellent location is the Paradiso Art Cocktail Bar in the hotel of the same name, designed with a retro design inspired by an old pharmacy. The cocktails presented as recipes on a dedicated menu are true works of art, created by the best mixologists. The atmosphere is quirky and fun.


All in all, San Antonio offers many quality options for a drink on the beach during the breathtaking sunsets that characterise its beaches. Café Mambo and Paradiso represent the excellence of the genre, with creative cocktails, unique atmospheres and live music by well-known DJs, perfect to accompany the aperitif moment.


Aperitivo beach: the exclusive cocktail bars of Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town, the island’s capital, is a glamorous and luxurious destination that is also full of splendid bars where you can enjoy unique drinks and have an experience to remember, also thanks to the historical setting of Dalt ViBla, the UNESCO heritage old town.


Situated in the harbour area, Pacha Ibiza boasts an exceptional cocktail bar, where you can sip classy drinks such as the Pacha Martini or the classic Mojito while admiring the beautiful view of the harbour. The atmosphere is elegant and glamorous, enhanced by the wait to enter the famous nightclub. The Pacha cocktail bar is a must for anyone visiting Ibiza this year.


For those looking for a dream experience, Lío Ibiza similarly overlooks the harbour but offers a decadently retro design. Cocktails such as Lío Martini and Lío Daiquiri are unparalleled, made by the island’s best mixologists. The breathtaking view of Dalt Vila and the mix of live cabaret, sophisticated cuisine and exclusive atmosphere complete the picture, making Lío Ibiza a unique happy hour.


The cocktail bars in Ibiza Town offer a glamorous aperitif that is at the same time imbued with historical charm, thanks to its proximity to the picturesque Dalt Vila. Between Pacha and Lío Ibiza, during the coming summer season you can enjoy unforgettable experiences before luxury dinners or club nights.